FLIPPING HOUSES: How to Make Money Flipping Houses Using NO Money & NO Credit




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Discover how you can make a fortune flipping houses in your spare time using NO CASH, NO CREDIT and having NO EXPERIENCE. This is a quick video that will explain the step-by-step process. You’ll also see how you can download my free book The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Blueprint that will show you How to Quit Your Job in 19 Weeks or Less HERE: http://bit.ly/F2FpageLEARN MORE ABOUT FLIP2FREEDOM INCLUDING MY FREE REAL ESTATE INVESTING BOOK HERE:


  1. So if i receive the $10k from the buyer's 60k and the seller receives the $50k, then who pays the title company or attorney?

  2. That was the BEST explanation I have ever gotten! Thank you. When you speak of Closing Agent, Escrow Office or Attorney, are these people kept on a retainer or is it simply where you pay a fee for paperwork? 

  3. I couple questions, can I whole sale any house even under a mortgage? Or if they have liens or if it's maybe going to foreclosure or does it have to be fully paid? , second question if I get a house under contract who can I get in first the buyer ten the seller or at the same time? Please answer o already sent out my mailers and I got a couple phone calls

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  12. I don't understand when you buy a house most Sellers want a deposit. Why no deposits when flipping? Does the cash buyer give me a deposit? I'll down.load the book. Thx

  13. Bottom line is there is no way you can do this without credit check, pre approval letter or proof of funds from the bank to title co., earnest money held for the buyer in case you bail on the sale and any closing and title costs and fees. In a word, bullshit

  14. This is not true, you have to present the contract to the title company with pre-approval letter from bank mortgagi tds if cash buy. Then there is earnest money held in escrow

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