Getting Started and No Money Down House Flipping with Mike Simmons | BP Podcast 50


On today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we sit down and talk about the best ways to get started with real estate investing, as well as some killer tips for investing without using your own money.

From picking a niche, overcoming analysis paralysis, and a lot more – our guest, Mike Simmons, will share his story of overcoming obstacles and becoming a full time house flipper in the Metro Detroit area.

Mike has a great story and an incredible strategy for flipping houses using no money of his own, so whether you are brand new or have been investing for years – you don’t want to miss Mike’s creative advice.

The show notes at:


  1. Amazing podcast I learned so much… also fascinating being early 2015 and the three end this podcast talking about Donald trump’s art of deal real estate book and him “being a great self promoter if not the best self promoter in the world” J Dorkin

  2. New to real estate and house flipping houses and Information is power and this stuff is powerful. Never knew all of this info was available. Much appreciation to you my brother. I will be flipping my first house with no money down In no time

  3. toyotas greatest marketing brilliance was convincing the world they make a japanese car. its as american as ford, if not more due to mexican outsourcing


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