House Flipping – AFTER – Restoration Easy Money! Part 2


This is a house flip after a month of work with 3 guys. Then house can be flipped for easy money. Get into the market to buy and resell once repaired, thanks

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  2. Looks better than it did before. Sure, the work isn’t the best but we learn by experience and practice. Hope you made your money back! Keep it up!!

  3. It looks like it is not Finished. My mom sold me her rental house and is as bad as your house before restoring it. Wish me luck lol. I will be doing work my self.

  4. I like it and the mosaic tie in the floor adds character – I think it looks so much better and the fact y'all did it in a month is insane – where are you located? Needing work done in Harrisburg, PA.

  5. Sloppy work, but i understand not putting much into it. Looks to be a bad neighborhood with no pride of home ownership. You'll probably look at about 30k asking and 25k selling price on this house.

  6. its better than what it looked liked before but you could of put more money into the house . The yard need to be fixed. It was only 1 walk in closet "BARELY" not 2 you would of been better off knocking the whole house down and started from scratch to build a better home. you definitely took the cheap route

  7. This is Funny as Hell!…You couldn't even install a new toilet? The tank lid is a different color and doesn't even fit the tank! The kitchen counter looks like shit! The washer and dryer look like you picked them up on the side of the road! The yard looks like a battlefield! TOO FUNNY!

  8. He bought it for way to much thats why he had to cut so many corners on the reno to not go negative or break even lol hope this is a lesson to him. Should have paid $5000 max for that house NOT 50K


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