House Flipping Business Plan


How to start a house flipping business without using your own funds:

When it comes to flipping houses, there are many levels of playing the game.

Amateurs who do it themselves with their own money part time will flip 1-2 homes per year. This is limited by the fact that a distressed home with $40,000 of work usually has roughly 2000 man hours of $10 per hour labor inside of it. So if you do the math, a part time amateur has 2000 working hours per year at his job, then does a 2000 flipping job on the side. That is an 80-hour week every week, and you still have to sleep!

Expected Income: These people don’t know how to do their numbers properly and aren’t valuing their time so they might make $20,000 to $60,000 extra per year before subtracting their labor value. When all the math is done, they are better off working at McDonalds for $11 per hour guaranteed.

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