House Flipping Business Plan


House Flipping Business Plan If you want to get started flipping houses, you need to have a plan to make money and profit. Many real estate investors get started by Wholesaling Houses for quick cash, while others jump into other advanced no money down strategies that work well in todays market. If you want a house flipping business plan sample, it is important to know your real estate goals before you jump in with both feet. What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to flip houses by doing fix and flips, are you looking to acquire income properties so that you can retire rich with real estate? When you make your business plan in advance, you will know what house flipping strategy to follow to help you reach that goal.

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  1. Thank you (FREEDOM) for sharing your knowledge with us.
    Please l purchased my first double house (2 houses for the price of one) with my own money (Roth IRA) at the price of $12,500 in NJ.

    l want to live in one and rent the other. But very concern with taxes.

    l purchased it as an investment, but l would love in live in one of them as my primary home because of its location, very close to the Delaware river.

    What do l do? Please advise.

  2. So when did you pay back your hard money lender? Some how I missed the part that when renting the property out, getting your cash flow, you still provided the single balloon payment to your private party lender.

  3. I dont think this can be considered a "no money deal" like your previous strategies i.e.double closing. Here it still involves lending money, either private or even from the bank, overall same thing. I really wouldn't consider this a "no money down" deal. Overall it can just be summarized into: buy a cheap house, fix it, sell it for higher, if u dont have money, borrow it! Correct me if I am wrong, but u lost me in this video..

  4. Dude… have you seen Denver's market? Your no money down strat is dead up here. Furthermore, if you have a property in "cosmetic distress" in our market, it simply doesn't matter. You need to be realistic with your videos, as it doesn't apply to all current markets. I apologize if I'm being asinine here, but desirable ares of the country simple aren't privy to these strategies. YouTube is a global influence, and I hate the fact that you are flat lining the market. Your tactics would simply not work in our market unless you were willing to purchase at 275k+. Yet you are giving hope to, again, a global audience.


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