House flipping scam?


By Whitney Clark/ MEDFORD, Ore. — You may have heard the ad on the radio — a man says he can teach you how to make a lot of money, without spending any of your own.That man is the star of the show Flip This House on AE — Than Merrill. In the radio spot he says he and his team are looking for a handful of people in the Medford area who want to consistently make a lot of money in your spare time. The ad sounded too good to be true, kind of like a scam. News10 decided to check it out, calling the 800-number given in the ad.The lady who answered said the two hour seminar at the Rogue Valley Country Club in June was completely free. The only catch — at the end of the workshop you have the option to spend more money for other programs. She made it very clear the decision to spend more money was completely up to the customer. The workshop is run by a company called FortuneBuilders Inc. out of San Diego. It has it’s own YouTube channel with dozens of videos showing satisfied customers who have made money flipping houses.It turns out the business is accredited with the Better Business Bureau, getting an A for service. The company has had 14 complaints in the last three years, however the bureau says they have all been taken care of.Rachel Newman, with the BBB office in San Diego, says that is a small number for a large company with more than 50 customers. She says the companymeets all of their standards, and most of the complaints had to to with billing issues and customer service.As with every company, Newman says people should be cautious when paying for services.Peter Jonnes, the director of communications for FortuneBuilders, says there are there are always people that are skeptical of the company. He says it is a real estate education company, and the free 2-hour seminars are an introduction to real estate. The people that go then have the option to pay nearly $200 for a three day event that goes into more detail, Jonnes said.


  1. Wow my friend who was in debt payed it off in one month of the wholesale from e fortune builders he. Says the only catch is that it's really fucking hard like 15 hours a day 20 day a month hard but hey at least he doesn't have to worrie about sleeping on the streets with his children or ever have to worrie about it cause he's rich now…..

  2. I mean how do the Th and and Armandos get away with this?Especially with the transparency the internet affords us…well someone's a sucker out there otherwise they wouldn't hold these seminars.Damn shame…

  3. This is funny because he has the ad runing in Phoenix, He just changes the city and uses the same ad over and over again I though Phoenix was Perfect for his system LOL .

  4. Do your research!!! If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!!!

    The most important part is: Check your state laws!!!! Washington State is a consumer state, in our state, in order to 'flip' houses. You must be a licensed contractor, and you must hold onto the house for one year before you can sell it.

  5. I've been with Fortune Builders for 2 years. I have flipped 3 houses, and have 2 under contract. If you are MOTIVATED, INTELLIGENT and SELF SUFFICIENT, it works. The program will NOT go out and buy houses and fix them for you. The program is inspiring, and I couldn't do my business without this encouraging program. It is lifetime ongoing education program, you will ALWAYS be learning.

  6. HA!  Agreed this is a huge scam!!!  I just went to the 3-day class in the DFW area with my son and only because I'm a real estate broker did I start sensing the shady characters in this outfit.  Several people got suckered in for the INNER-CIRCLE Mastery class for $50,000!!!!  WHAT!!  That is absolute craziness!  They are asking people to check their current credit rating to increase credit card limits to pay their knowledge.  I DON'T THINK SO!!

  7. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) is a joke, don't trust their ratings, you are better off checking someones work ethic and how they conduct themselves with review boards.

    If you believe you can make money in real estate without any risk and without your own money up front then go ahead and give this fool your and many other fools out there doing the same con and I guarantee you that your pocket book will be lighter.

    If I had a system for picking winning lottery numbers, why would I waste time giving free seminars and charging people money to teach them to play the lottery?  I could use my skill set and become a billionaire in no time.

    Be very wary of all of these shysters.

  8. Why do Martin Cortez and Lloyd Segal have the exact same sentence word for word? Lol "I have no affiliation with Fortune Builders but I purchased material from them and they are the real deal"

  9. They are snake oil salesman. Just think, NOBODY personally knows anybody that has made any money with theses charlatans. Don't believe the paid poster who leave positive comments. Don't get taken people, nothing is for free and real estate isn't easy.

  10. I've heard that same ad in at least three different cities and I'm sure dozens more get bombarded by these same ads whenever FB comes to town to rent a banquet room at the local hotel.  It seems every city is "the perfect market" for Mr. Merrill's system.  Like any ripoff seminar, the real money is in the materials they try to sell you, not in flipping homes.  Don't get scammed folks.

  11. Typical news broadcast always selling bad news even though at the end they admit that the company is legit. I have no affiliation with FortuneBuilders but I purchased material from them before and they are the real deal. Of course any thing worthwhile requires work which people are not willing to do so they complain and end up broke 


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