How I Buy Houses With No Money


If your ready to jump in the real estate game but are waiting to start until you have a huge savings account? You’re doing it wrong. Learn how you can start in real estate investing today with no money!

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  1. What exactly did you do? How you say you didn’t do Owner Finance but you got the property on contract and started making payments on it. You got a deposit of 5k from the buyer and paid the seller 3k = Profited 2k but then again you say your getting payments on the property and making the money. I think you did do an owner finance and your doing a lease option the end buyer.

  2. i dont know where u live but it must be in the getto because i live in washington and NO one would be selling any homes for that little of money crack houses,dumps, and anything else sells for $200,000 or more.

  3. You can buy houses for 10k…. Ive even seen some for less…. The South is a cheap area… Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia…. All good areas to find properties under10k. You just have to look outside the major cities.

  4. Can you tell me what paperwork you sign with the sellers? What paperwork you sign with the buyers? Who goes to the closing? Thx


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