How to Buy Real Estate without Cash or Credit

279 – Lecture I delivered to the University of Central Florida Real Estate School on How to Buy Real Estate without Cash or Credit.


  1. I loved this video… i felt very motivated.. do you do some other classes.. i dont know anything about investing or real estate but you make it feel very easy…. i just have a lot of questions… they nay be simple but like i said im a novice… lol

  2. I love hearing about this industry because it highlights the beauty of capitalism. These desperate people with few options can potentially save their credit, or finances, by delegating responsibilities to the aspiring owner who will also benefit. Value is created for both parties where there otherwise would be severe detriment. It makes sense why he speaks against self-interested attorneys writing the laws! Very exciting field.

    Even when you think someone's screwing you in a deal (strict landlords), it's likely protecting the interests of others who would be at a disadvantage otherwise. Of course, those like the attorneys who create laws to protect their interests (or their parent corporation's) through the government would like you to believe that only the government can help us secure financial stability and growth. "You show me a capitalist, I'll show you a bloodsucker." Ha!

  3. I am stuck at a flaw in you plan. NO ONE would deed over to you a house being themselfs entiltled to pay the mortgage, wont happen, ever. What if you default?, stop paying… The bank will claim the money to the original owner, because the debt is still in his or her name. Waht is going to happen is that they will sell the debt to you, or you will have to pay it off in full to start with.

  4. Wow, this is the real secret that all those big top notch guys wont even tell you when they say they have secrets to tell you. Damn, loving it!!

  5. Greetings Phill,

    On Seller/Owner Finance situation. Owner's has it on a Free and Clear Title and the Owner is Owner Financing the property for $25,000.

    During the agreed Term Contract between Seller/Owner & the Buyer, does the Deed stays on the Seller's/Owner's Name, then once (Buyer's Pays the Seller in Full) then Deed will be Transfer into Buyer's Name??

    Thanks in advance.

  6. So tell me I can buy a home here where I live in California with no money or credit for 6-7 hundred thousand dollars???
    Because that’s what there going for

  7. Hey Phil I have a few questions about a subject to option in the situation I’m in now wondering how we can talk in Canada

  8. One other reason why someone would deed a property to you and leave the loan intact: it improves their credit score by having a loan with history of being paid on-time. That's great for the homeowner!


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