How to Flip a House Using Hard Money


This video breaks down a flip I did with hard money. When investing in real estate, you must know how to analyze the numbers – it’s easy as long as you have the right tools.

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  1. can you email me one of thosecopies of that hard money bracket your showing us thanks brother its nice to see and get advise from someone that is already experience in the market that were in today. I was also wondering if I could reach out to you about many other deals that are in my location were I want invest in. right now me and my sister is trying to buy out first house in today's market situations. we both have good full time jobs an for the monthly rent in my location could be paid with just 1 week and half pay period that's not including what my sister makes weekly. so I see your very good with the numbers in real estate. Well I thought I could start building my resources for positive feed back connections . getting ready for get back to you again. thanks for your help with your video . cool

  2. If you cut costs from rehab or purchase price, and don't use a realtor, can you use some of the cash from the HMloan for the monthly points payments?

  3. You just got a Subscribe. I've been researching on flipping houses and by far the best informative video on hard money lenders . Thanx man

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  5. None of the so called "Gurus" go all the way into the specific details and cost like you have done…good job! My only problem is getting the banks to accept my offers! I have placed 5K, 10K, 15K, above listing priceoffers, no inspection periods or concessions, solid escrow deposits…no luck so far. I'm in the Orlando FL. area…Thanks for sharing…

  6. Great video! Had a question for Juan. In regards to obtaining a loan from a hard money lender, someone told me that usually the hard money lender will require a walk-through of the property first and will have his attorney and engineer present at the walk through and they will be drilling you and quizzing you to make sure you know what you are doing. Is that true based on your experiences?


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