How to Flip Houses No Money Down And Bad Credit


How to start with none of your own money:

People are always asking “How can I invest in Real Estate with no money down”

You see it on late night TV, on the infomercials “invest in real estate no money down”

Instead of “no money down” I want to talk about OPM: Other people’s money.

Regardless, let me share with you the different ways that I have purchased, controlled and owned real estate with “no money down” over the past few years:

Private Lenders – A private lender is someone you have a relationship with that wants to lend you money to purchase real estate, this is a little bit different than a JV because they are getting paid a flat rate, typically a higher rate than a bank to bear the risk, usually 8-12%. Because you have a direct relationship, there are no broker fees and you know each other 1 on 1.

Hard money lenders – Hard money lenders are typically businesses or MIC’s (mortgage investment companies) That lend money for fees and interest, starting usually at 2%-6% in fees and 8%-18% in interest. Hard money lenders are a great place to start because they are private companies and you can negotiate different terms and rates with them. A solid mortgage broker will have access to many hard money lenders.

See more ways here:


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