How to flip houses—Where to find the Money


This video is showing where the money is hiding. You can do as many deals as you want and as big of deals as you want if you just make the connections with the people that have the money. Be sure to subscribe to learn more.


  1. Excellent video MArk. My Wife and I been thinking to start flipping houses in Orlando Florida. But we have a lot question how to start, how to find the right house…etc
    We have good equity money in the house we live now and we would like to used that money to start. Is there any way you can help us to get started. We can partners

    Thank you

  2. Good stuff… now what's stopping these investors from essentially stealing your project and doing it on their own if they are holding the money and you're bringing them the plan/layout of how you're going to flip it??

  3. Hi Mark, i am divorced, now a single Mom of two kids and i was awarded the house in divorce. I havent worked in a long time and was thinking of flipping the house, it needs work and sell for profit while living in it. Do you recommend this? I owe $115k and county appraisal is $205k but houses sell for more in my area. Also, i would need to find a hml but what in your opinion is a fair % to pay them for loaning the money? I am located in San Antonio, Tx.

  4. shut up lol (I was shaking my head saying yes) but I'm listening. I know I can do this. I broke the sales record at my last company twice. I can do this.

  5. I'm 19 years old, I own a custom modular business and I'm currently going to school to be a contractor. My parents flipped houses when the market crashed in 2008. They had made a fortune. I am currently going to school for construction so I can do the work myself and make more money… Is there any way that I could contact you for some advice?

  6. now why would i want to ask over 200 pple for money? or try to find leads . what if i dont know anyone, or some lender or private lender dont know me would he still lend money to me??

  7. I have bad credit no partner but I believe been looking for ways to start in real estate i was wondering how would I start if I have bad credit and would it be smart to use my taxes returns to start if so how much would I have to sacrifice?

  8. Hi im a 17 year old guy living in Silicon Valley. Im really interested in doing this but I honestly dont know if im able to. Like who would loan money to me to buy a house, and if they did am i even old enough to buy a house. If you could help me out that would be great.

  9. hi my name is Juan and I have a partner which we have been looking up to save money and start flipping houses. now that I know it's easier if you find different ways to get funded I was just asking how do you find a hml?


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