How to Flip Houses with No Money – Live Example


Live Demo – One way to flip houses with no cash or credit. How to wholesale with no money
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  1. If your first starting out, do you get a buyer list of what your buyers want in properties? or just start finding distressed properties?

  2. Mike, I'm pretty confused. Do you offer over the phone before seeing the house? In one of the coaching calls you posted here on your channel, I remember you told the student that it's easier to get a price reduction from the seller who you have under contract if you haven't seen the property first. I have a pretty solid deal I want to call the owner about but I don't know whether to tell him I'll go and look at it or if I should just give him an offer and try to get it under contract , then go look at it and if I need to sell for less because my buyers want to pay less, then I could go to my seller for a reduction. Which approach works best?

  3. I contacted an agent for one property which was foreclosed on. I am supposed to speak with a homeadvisor next week. What do I need to do from there? I live in Northern California.

  4. How would you go about getting a contractor to flip the properties? Do you pay them out of your pocket? Also, do you have an email where I can send you a few more questions?

  5. Great video… hoping that MIKE HILL can email me with regarding some insight on what it takes to start flipping homes with no money… in this video it sounds as if u have the $80k… please explain to me how this works in a lil more detail.. I love the method but don't quite get it yet.
    I can reached at
    Please respond hopefully we can talk business bro god bless you

  6. How does Wholesale work with realtor? usually you get a PSA with the homeowner then an assignment with the cash buyer. how do you do this with a realtor?

  7. I know you said you had to call other people in the business in palm beach and I am in the biz as well same area, already got buyers and working with some sellers as well let's get together and see if we can work together!

  8. I just got a little confused. The house needed quite a bit of work to be done on it. So you called and tried to buy the house so you could sell it to a rehabber? You said on the phone you were a rehabber but just said that so you could buy it and sell it to a rehabber right?

  9. Wouldn't no buyer want to buy from you because he'd have to pay like 10 grand to the agent or whatever commission turns out to be if it's on Zillow? Then 10k or whatever you choose to you?


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