How to flip houses with no money or credit (Part 2)


How to wholesale real estate and flip houses with no money down step by step tutorial

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  1. Bro you just got a mf sub from me! Lol Excuse the lingo but you dropping gems bruh! Ive watched a ton a of videos on here and ppl just really trying to lead to buy something. That's fine and all because a nigguh gotta get paid but damn not everyone has the same market or same list of contacts. Just dropping a gem that small didn't cost you anything and yo trap still boomin. I quit my job a few months ago and became a stay at home father. My soon to be wife was going through some postpartum at the time and I didn't want my little girl to be in day care so young. Since I've been looking to do something that will allow me to continue to Stay home and still bring in those checks like I used too just a little bigger. Love what you doing hopefully I collect gems where one day I can drop a few myself to others.

  2. Thank so much for the information that you're providing. I would like to ask does both contracts have to be notarized?

  3. I absolutely LOVE this video! The illustrations worked wonders for me and how I learn lol! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is invaluable…now I've got to binge watch!

  4. Great video! I hear you say there’s no money needed but how are you doing your marketing? I watched your video with Max and you said you had 500 in your account when you decided to get started. Did you use that for marketing.

  5. Great info Brian but I have two questions for you. Is that assignment fee you received taxed at the end of the year? For example, if you sell 5 houses throughout the year and make a profit of $50k and tax is 10% would you owe the IRS 5k at the end of the year in taxes? Also you mentioned that the tittle company will make sure there isn’t a lien on the house. If there is a lien on the house how would that change the Deal?

  6. good information, my question is how are you evaluating deals.meaning how do you figure out if a deal is worth a cash buyer's time? second question is what is your marketing strategy to find motivated sellers? 3rd question is, how do you make sure a cash buyer doesnt undercut you and go directly to the seller? thanks

  7. Brian i wish i could give u 10 likes at once.i been trying to do wholesaling for 6 to 7 months now. Watching YouTube.but not one person broke down the steps the way you did.Thank You Bruh.

  8. Hello Brian I’m new at this. Where do you find the assignment template contract or go about setting up the contract.

  9. This was amazing and very clear! Thank you. I have a question about marketing… specifically bandit signs. Do you have any suggestions on where to buy decent ones for a good price and more importantly where are the best locations to put them?

  10. Can you provide download links to the the exact contract paper work ? Im a bit lost when it comes to the actual language on the contract. Thanks.


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