How to Flip Houses WITHOUT Fixing Them (Each Deal Takes 2-4 Weeks)


What’s changed after 12 years of driving to Chase Bank?

Instead of driving my Nissan truck to deposit my real estate deals…

I pull up in my Lamborghini Huracan

It makes me happy, but not in the way you might think.

Sure, this car is cool and a dream to drive but you eventually forget you’re driving a Lambo.

No…the happiness came from the representation
that car meant to me from all the years of hard work,
dedication, sacrifice, and failure I went through on
my journey to getting the car.

The thousands of potential sellers that laughed
me out of their homes.

The embarrassment I felt as I walked back to my
truck replaying in my head why I
failed to get the deal.

The countless real estate investors that thought
I was a joke and never took me seriously.

Those “old school” investors down at the auction
that made fun of me because I looked like I was 15.
The dozens of gurus that took advantage of me and
sold me garbage courses and provided me no support.

The mounting credit card debt I kept putting myself
in while I searched for a blueprint of how real estate
investing worked.

The years of financial pain and sleepless nights.
The arguments I had with my wife over money and bills.

All the friends and family members who told me I
needed to get a “real job” and give up on being a
real estate investor.

That talk with my dad when he told me I was
“making a mistake”.

All the moments I wanted to quit because I wasn’t sure
if I had what it takes because it was taking so
freakin’ long to come together for me

No…it had nothing to do with the car

….and everything to do with that 14 year old kid that
hung a Rolls Royce poster in his room dreaming of what
life would be like one day.

So let me ask you a question

Are you going to let those around hold you back from
living your dream?

Or fight tooth and nail to make it happen for yourself
and get what’s rightfully yours?

If the answer is “I’m going to make it happen for myself no matter what”…

I want you to you to join me on this free training

Sign up here:

The best thing about getting started in real estate…

1. You don’t have to risk any of your own money
2. You don’t need a real estate license
3. There’s no need to rehab or repair the home

It’s not too late. You’re not too young, old, dumb, ugly,
green or any other “label” society has put on you.

Cody Sperber
aka the “Clever Investor”



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