How To Make $5k In The Next 30 Days Flipping Houses With NO MONEY, NO CREDIT, and NO EXPERIENCE!


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In this video we talk about how Zady went from being broke to over $100k his first year and then how he scaled up to now hitting over $100k per month wholesaling houses.

We talk everything from team building, overcoming limiting beliefs, and marketing for motivated sellers.

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  1. Great info Jaelin…A lot of wholesalers will not do JV deals. What is your approach to other wholesalers on Craigslist to get them to do JV deals with you? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ok Jaelin Great video bro, I'm just curious if you have no money or credit, when you do find a deal or a buyer, how do you get the contract of the house, to wholesale it or am I missing something?


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