How to Start Flipping Houses with Little Money [$10 dollars]


Ready to Flip Your First House?

how to start flipping houses with little money. House flipping or Wholesaling can be a very profitable way of doing business.

There is a little bit of a learning curve to it be once you get good at this art it will allow you to pay your bills for life.

You can drive for dollars, post ads on Craigslist, team up with other Wholesalers etc…..there are so many ways and techniques it’s scary. At the end of the day it little takes little money to get your business off the ground.

Once you get your business up and running then you can begin to invest money into better tool. Just focus on your first deal. It will basically cost you $10 dollars to get a property under contract

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  1. so you're saying I'm sitting with the property owner and i say heres $10 to sign an agreement with me to split the sale proceeds of this house when i present the buyer and the deal is done. Is that right? And i get the $10 transaction recorded in the agreement that is signed, presumably at the time the $10 is exchanged?

  2. Great video again. I learn so much from your videos. They are clear and straight to the point and they are not that long. Which I don't mind, You give great nuggets of knowledge.


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