How to Wholesale & Flip Commercial Lots for Quick Cash | Real Estate Investing No Money Down


How to Wholesale & Flip Commercial Lots for quick cash | Real Estate Investing No Money Down –

I will personally Teach & Mentor you on How to Flip Houses with no credit or cash. Enjoy the videos and audios of deals I’ve done and FREE REAL ESTATE INVESTING TIPS.

Creative Real Estate Investing Mentor and Guide

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  1. Hey Tyrone, its been a while sense I made contact but I was on youtube trying to do some research and ran across this video. I started wholesaling lots and seller had such a jacked up title it was ridiculous but never the less it was a situation where the guy just about made me sell them, due to I was in the business and his business what in another public field that tied up not just his time, but days at a time, 4 days on 3 days off type thing, the process took so long about 5 months and this is all due to alot of unknown issues, encumbrances, no survey, its just the business sometimes, title work , surveys, lien releases, probates etc etc etc, anyhow, this has never happen to me while wholesaling, i got the contract, owner owned 6 lots two were resid. other 4 commercial , my buyers i cant lie they see me and im a fairly decent, young looking but old handsome, even on my ruff days, lol middle aged decently dressed respectful, good business practices and love to sale and negotiate the deal type of brown skinned brother…. I meet a lot foreigners you mentioned about because they are in the game heavy, and you want that check right…so they all get skeptical because I know my business and price just right to catch that big fish, I love it so much what im doing, I have just grown to stick to what you say and say what you mean but when i meet them its funny how they just change there tune, they all well not all but some have told me they thought I was an old white man on the phone, I just sound like a cool business guy to me and this is not some black guy pretending to be white and its the real me an how I talk to people, this is business not a puppet show and i will deliver and i try to perform as I love this business and get a kick out of these types of situations. They all end up coming back to befriend me and I love the ones that do that, it makes for an interesting relationship… I love it because I am about build relationships in the business….no matter the color, I have made money with them all and always find out what they need and want and got… BUT i am at a mind blogging situation. I had a lil money put up but i didnt want to spend it, as i got alot other stuff i need to deal with and my buyer of these lots will not, contact closing attorney, answer and sometime never return phone calls, then when they do answers it days later because Im waiting on them to at least acknowledge the call, voicemail, text and or email….so this is funny to me…a lot of my deals are so good to me because they are so cheap, I can be in negotiation, buyer throws out a number but cannot close because he really kicking rocks, im selling them to a what i call flaky buyer, I dont normally hang on that long and just cancel and move on, sometimes I wonder if I should go back to asking buyers to prove up, not pof anybody can get a letter, an actual bank statement, a real buyer will buy, this I know, and also understands the business of buying real estate and I like to think of my set up in marketing is by the time you get to me, you know what you getting you just dont know the price your at nor how low i can go….anyhow this buyer makes me make another call, wont reply to text capabilities, and my contracts are strong with my sellers and clear cut to my buyers, so I dont have to do alot of ridiculous chasing, that is very time consuming, hey time is money, speed is important and dont get me wrong, i love chasing money, sometimes its not about the money, sometimes all money aint good money, well this aint dominoes neither and with me, if im wholesaling, it about the seller, the buyer then me in full control…but when you can buy if you get a flaky buyer, while wholesaling, it changes the game, you options JUST SHOT THROUGH THE ROOF, this is good…..good indeed, especially when you think its a friendly game of checkers but sometimes its can change to chess real fast……I ended up telling my attorney I will close the deal myself because the buyer would not make the deposit on earnest money, and dont get me wrong, this is a real somewhat simple issue because I generally talk and feel the seriousness, meet them talk to them all lines are open, and I typically assign. NOW I OWN, my mindset is cancel the contract and keep moving, even build later because its going to be a hot area soon but I need keep stacking money so I probably sell them, I m confused but only because I am on tight timeframe and got a goal to meet, I really want to sell for more now i own it because I had to actually buy it with my own money, and I tell buyers that I have a contract to buy, I will sell for the right price or assign it. some dont think I got the money, its a total mind changer when you can do both, my lawyer felt the shakes too, over 40yrs in the game, your buyer kinda shaky isnt he, I just said yeah i felt same way, he just said well now you can sell to them when they come forth or do what you want….now im only confused because I am always the one holding things together with the superman stretch, Im patient and I really fell like i can not loose but only gain at this point……so tell me what would you do? still sell at discount and wait a little longer or cancel and hold for more money? so in this confusion stage I just started to think HOW CAN I MAKE MONEY ON LOTS WITHOUT SELLING THEM? ANY IDEAS??


  2. Can I make this work from Canada virtually and wholesale commercial properties virtually? I want to do deals in FL, OH, New York and TX if possible from Toronto Canada. Lots and commercial properties virtually.

    Is this possible? Thanks


  3. Are you for Real? You dont look like the typical Real Estate Guru? I am looking for Information on how to start flipping Houses and be successful at it. I see you have a lot of flipping videos. I am ready. How can I start making some money, flipping, wholesaling houses, commercial properties? Can you help? Thx.

  4. I did this.
    I tied up an old store, the owner was sick and could not work it anymore.
    I then sold it to middle easterns, mulims, made $4500 on selling the contract.
    They wanted me to buy more for them because a lot of people want sell to middle easterns

  5. Thank you Mr. Taylor…these videos help to tear down my small thinking mentality and show me that there are great possibilities awaiting…:)

  6. Huuuuum I would like to see more on this. If your course will be covering this I may want in.

    I can see the pofit potential here.

  7. yeah, i'm gonna go hard to put one of these deals together soon, i've actually seen these happen but wasn't aware of what was happening

  8. I have been thinking about doing a similar idea. I was thinking of building rapport with several convience store owners and private gas station owners, then try to partner or just sell to them.
    Thanks, Tyrone for the vids!


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