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114 How to make money flipping houses. Free real estate investing course. If you have ever wanted to flip a house for profit, you can discover how to flip houses for quick cash. Most Real Estate Investors get started investing in real estate by wholesaling or doing a house flip with no money down. Did you send out your yellow letters or postcards? What will you do when a motivated seller calls? How can you make an offer to buy their house or property and make money? Making offers on properties is a key component.

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  1. If you are assigning the property and you write your contract right way, then your profit could be the full $30K in this example, minus any marketing cost that you had. If you are doing a simultaneous or a Double Close, you would have a few hundred dollars in closing cost for each closing that would be subtracted out of your profit.

  2. when flipping a property and selling it for profit for example buying at ($100 000) and selling at ($130 000) does that 30 000$ difference literally mean you profited that amount and now have 30 000$ in your bank?
    I am young and just unsure of how purchasing a home works


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