Need Money to Flip Houses? Flip Real Estate with Hard Money and/or Business Credit


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  1. Love you Juan, but it is a little ghetto having all your credit cards in a rubber band. Get the Ridge wallet or one of those modern ones..

  2. This was so rich and enlightening! I was wondering on the norm what are the various amounts of time one would have to pay back a loan with hard money lenders?

  3. Pick your brain JP…I'm a newbie..n I am putting a strategy in place to start passive income….Primary Residence is about to be free & clear in 3 months…Put a rental tenant in this home…purchase a 4 flat or Duplex with VA loan..(cap at $460k) ….but only use half of the cap…as long as I have a Property manager I can count the other three units as income..stay there a year ..Hubby&I move out…Put a tenant in our place
    now we got 4..passive rental income from the 4 plex & 1 from our first home ..Then buy our single family resident..again with a VA loan..with the balance of the cap..with VA loan..the lender pays all closing cost…with VA loan..what do you think..#Newbie#trying to quit day job..#live passionate.

  4. Brother Juan P! just sub'd to your channel. Thanks for all the info, motivation and the intellectual juice! When next are you in Atlanta and how can i get in touch?


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