⚫ 3 Stocks To Buy In July 2018? ⚫


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Are these the best stocks to buy in July 2018? Stocks to watch in July 2018 are Visa stock, V stock, Canopy Growth Stock, CGC stock, and Iqiyi Stock, IQ stock. Visa is a very safe company in the stock market, they’re the biggest credit card company outside of China with 323 million cardholders. They don’t make money by giving you credit, instead they take a small fee out of every transaction. With 201% growth in 5 years, but not the best value in their numbers. With the growth of online shopping and Amazon, any purchase people make will mean more profits for Visa. We’re becoming a cashless society with more cards being used. Once Visa gets more of the international market, they will keep growing. The next company is one I own called Canopy Growth stock, the biggest marijuana company in Canada. Marijuana was just legalized in Canada. Canopy has 2.4 million square feet of growing space, ready for legal weed. They’re up over 1340% in 2 years, with low value numbers. It’s expected marijuana sales will bring in 4 to 6 billion dollars a year. Canopy is the top of the ladder right now and they want to make over 500 thousand kg of weed. This is a very high risk company for the future of marijuana. Lastly we have a Chinese company called Iqiyi stock, the netflix of China. They have half the subscribers of Netflix with over 500 million active users. They have free memberships with advertisement support. Very low value numbers but a lower price to sales ratio than Netflix. They had nice revenue growth in 2018, 57% increase from last year. China blocks Netflix so this company has more to gain. IQ will continue to expand their content, they have an agreement with Netflix for some of their shows like Black Mirror. There’s 1.4 billion people in China compared to 300 million in America so this stock has a lot of room to grow. These are the best stocks to watch in the stock market for July 2018.


  1. What are you buying in July?

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  2. I have owned VISA since the day it went public. Also owned call options off and on since 2015. Went through a 4 for 1 stock split in 2015. Still own most of the shares since I bought back in 2008. I also own IQIYI at $28 price. I am very long on this stock.

  3. what about Starbucks? its at an all time low since 2016. I predicted the same thing with snap chat but no one listened.

  4. Great picks- I personally own shares of CGC & IQ. CGC should see some nice growth especially in the coming months before legalization implementation (October 17th) & although IQ had a rough ending to the week, I believe a correction is healthy behavior for this stock and it will bounce back and show solid growth around earnings.

  5. Always worried about stocks with such high p/e ratio's, especially in a market like today's.
    Quite risky. But sometimes its worth the risk.

  6. Visa is a good stock. Other two are too speculative and put your money where your mouth is.. 2k will not convince me to buy your program

  7. Why are you lying about that 50% discount on your course? Every time you say it's only available for the next two days…

  8. I don’t watch the Netflix of America but I do watch the Netflix of China haha. Seems like a pretty overrated stock to be honest there are lots of free video content alternatives here in China. And most of the people who watch it aren’t big spenders they are low paid security guards/ shop keepers / migrant workers mostly. Sure the middle class will grow but iqiyi is not as ubiquitous in China as Netflix is in the US right now.


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