✅ 3 Stocks To Buy In May 2018? ✅


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The best stocks for May 2018. These are the 3 stocks to watch in May 2018. First we have Google stock, GOOG stock, the front page of the internet. Google, also known as Alphabet, owns the number 1 ranked website Google, as well as the number 2 in Youtube. They also own Android, the most used mobile operating system. Also selling harwdare such as Google Pixel phones and Chromecast. 90% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising so they’re one of the biggest advertisers in the world next to Facebook. Judging by their numbers, they’re a good value. Analysts think this stock is a strong buy in their upcoming earnings report. Google has 7 products with over a billion users each. Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps, Google Search, Youtube, Google Play Store, and Android. This is an extremely safe company with no debt and good numbers, their products are also future proof. Google is a low risk stock. Second, we have a high risk company in AMD stock. This company makes processors and graphics cards. They really spiked up in recent years due to their new products called Ryzen and Vega. They’re on a dip right now due to the lowering popularity of cryptocurrencies. From their numbers, they’re a low value company so higher risk. The analyst consensus is a hold on AMD stocks. The future of technology is in machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, automation, and AMD has a foot in all of these things. They beat 7 out of the last 10 earnings reports. Not a bad buy if you think they will beat their next one and this cryptocurrency downgrade is just fluff. Third we have a medium risk stock called Macy’s stock, with a strong 5% dividend. Retail has been down in recent years due to Amazon and online shopping. Macy’s stock has great numbers, a very low P/E Ratio and a extremely low P/S Ratio. This company has enough money to keep that 5% dividend, and it looks like they’re stabilizing. Zack’s lists them as a #1 strong buy. A medium risk investment if you think they will be stable in the future. These are 3 great stocks to watch for May 2018. Always do your own research before any investment in the stock market.


  1. What's your favorite stock for May 2018?

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  2. Did you buy M? I've been eying it for a few weeks. I've watched it go up 9 trading days in a row without pulling a trigger. Oh well, at least I made out well on AMD. Cheers!

  3. Awesome videos!!! What's your PT for AMD? I bought before earnings. Anything under 10 seemed golden. 😀

  4. GOOGL is a great pick Monk! Awesome company, fantastic balance sheet, and big growth. As for Macys, I had them a couple years ago, I can't get behind them in this time where retail is getting slammed so often. Great dividend, but I think they will struggle in my opinion. Nice vid 😀

  5. Can't go wrong with Google AMD is a gamble Macy's is an interesting stock I might do some more research on them

  6. Actually none of these are what I look for. Macy's looks nice but also is in the same group as Gamestop. They have 10% dividend and the cashflow to pay it.


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