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Is JD.com stock a buy? Should you invest in the Amazon of China JD stocks? JD is a great Chinese stock, also known as the Amazon of China. They’re up 100% in 2 years, smaller than Amazon at a 57 billion market cap. In terms of value, they’re similar but have better valuation than Amazon. From JD.com’s earnings history, we can see rapid growth thanks to the growing Chinese economy. The problem is a low gross margin on JD’s income statement. If they increase this gross margin, they will keep more profits. They reinvested most of their profits, about 85% just like Amazon. JD has a great balance sheet, good amount of cash and low debt compared to equity. JD is a Chinese stock that runs JD.com, which sells all kinds of items to customers like Amazon. They own their whole delivery network, with 500 warehouses covering all of China. With over 300 million active accounts, that’s 1 quarter of China. They have partnerships with Google, Walmart, and Tencent. These partnerships give them great coverage, people could find JD items on Google shopping, buying Walmart items on JD, and buy stuff from Tencent’s Wechat, which has over 900 million users monthly. The CEO Richard Liu came from a poor family, he believes in hard work and giving the customers what they want. Quality control is top notch because they ban any fake merchants selling bad products. They also have a top end brand called Toplife, selling brands from Saint Laurent, Mulberry, Alexander Mcqueen and more. This is a stock with a possible 400% upside if the market prices them like Amazon. A high risk, long term Chinese stock.


  1. Are you investing in JD?

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  2. Why not compare JD to Alibaba. You cant expect the markets to have similar demand for a Chinese company as with an American company. Just like in the book "more money than god" they explained how german companies are much cheaper in terms of P/E than American companies and was never ever trade in the same multiples as their american counterparts.

  3. Yep this looks like a winner in the long run. Dammit…….

    Have to revise my strategy in the next few months.

  4. my only concerns is Trumps "baby kid-fits" very unpredictable market with China cause of that big baby, he just fucked over HOG, and before that WM.

  5. JD is an interesting company I also feel like you can't go wrong investing it into for the long term.


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