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Are these the best stocks to buy in June 2018? Stocks to watch in June 2018 are Adobe Systems Stock, ADBE stock, Boeing stock, BA stock, and Snapchat stock, Snap stock. Adobe stock or Adobe Systems stock has been going up like crazy in the stock market, 461% in 5 years. They’re a low value stock right now, with analysts liking them as a buy. Adobe sells subscriptions to their software like Photoshop, Premiere, and many other creative apps. Boeing stock is a safer plane company. A very old company in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Up 251% in 5 years, great growth. A fair valued stock, beating 16 out of 17 earnings reports. Analysts likes this as a buy. They already have a lot of planes ordered so a very safe company for the next few years, we will always need planes. Snapchat stock is the last very high risk stock to watch. They’re currently down to their lowest point because of the recent earnings report and a bad update to the app. A low value stock with only bad news recently. I believe they will go up because a 50% drop is an overreaction by the stock market. Snapchat redesigned their app again, bringing back what people like with the stories section on the right. I think Snapchat has a lot of room for profit from this point because of this lower price. These are all great stocks to watch in June 2018 in the stock market.


  1. What kind of stockings are you buying in June?

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  2. "Those who invested in Snap after IPO bought it for $22 and above and anyone still holding onto their stock in the hope of a price increase has already faced losses of around 49%.''

  3. Fnko ….Mr. Monk or anyone here have any opinions on this Funko stock. The company's been around almost two decades but it just ipo'd in 2017. They have a new CEO. I bought my Shares around the $6 range. It's currently trading about $11. This company looks like it will grow what is everyone's opinion on it.

  4. Another great vid, Monk. Don’t like Snap. The kids are leaving them. I believe they’re going down. Safer $$$ to be made. Thanks

  5. Can you make a more in depth video on how to make an affiliate website? I bought a domain but I don't know how to set up a website xD

  6. What’s the site that you use to check the p/e, p/s and p/b? Im asking this because for example in yahoo finance the p/e ratio of apple is 18.24 and in marketwatch is 18.20. Thanks

  7. I can't get behind SNAP, it's losing 2.95 cents per share according to yahoo finance. Stocks that are losing money generally aren't good bets, but like you said it's high risk.


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