3 Stocks To Consider Buying In February 2018


In this video I’ll discuss three stocks that I will likely be investing into in February of 2018! Let me know which stocks you’ll be considering adding to your portfolio this year!

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  1. Might I recommend waste management? My stock with them is up 60% since 2015 and continuing upward. My regret is I didn't buy more at the time. Also, I wasn't familiar with the first company but I agree disney and Clorox are definitely worth looking into.

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  3. URI United Rental inc. I invested in this company in February of 2016. I noticed that the company that I work for was renting equipment from them and I started looking into their stock then I noticed that all the military units were using United Rental Equipment. So I took a chance let's talk has went from $60 per share to $160 per share in 3 years. Lucky me I'm still writing it to the top

  4. SYY – Sysco foodservices is a must buy. Great dividends for decades and large growth with increasing profits. They are the largest foodservices company in the US with holdings in Canada and the UK. If you eat at a restaurant, at school, have someone in the hospital or nursing home, or anywhere food is sold, they most likely buy from Sysco. If a recession hits people are still in hospitals and schools so the stock has some security from freefall during bear markets, despite the expected decline in eating out. Price is down some so great time to buy.

  5. hey nate, i saw this video and i want to buy disney stock. i think even sitting on them for the year is gonan be profiitable (cuz of black panther, avengers, then starwars) i beleive these movies can make a total of at least 1 billion. watching the current dip the market has taken. whats your opinion now? do u stand by your opinion, and should i buy in the dip? or is it gonna get more bearish? im in the market for the long haul ofc, but will disney remain stable and even start to back up again in the short term?

  6. Disney will also have Sunday football on their streaming TV service, which is HUGE. once Disney announces the release of their tv stream, I will be buying.


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