#59 How to make profit by first sell then buy the stock


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How to make profit by first sell then buy the stock


  1. I have gone through dozens of videos.. no where i found any helpful info regard short selling where i see this video i understood quite a bit , bt how should i buy after selling can u make a video or explain it , can i do cover order??
    What happen i first sold the share and ltr i haven't buy? Alot of confusion arrive.. i dont know from where should i buy pls make a video wer u clearly explain with example how to sell n frm where to buy

  2. Maine pehle sell kar dia, phir price niche aaya hi nahi, maine auto squareoff hone tan wait kia, phir mera loss ho gaya. To aaise situation main kya carry forward kar sakte hain? Jaise buy kia hai to hota hai cnc main convert mis order. Lekin kya sell order ko bhi hold kar sakte hain next day tak? Please batayen.

  3. No one asked this, pls answer this will be helpful for every one watching your video…
    "Does short selling is available in MIS only, or we can do it in CNC also."

  4. bro yeh regular main mis me sell krna hai ya bo me use hoga yeh sab agar regular main mis main use hoga toh sl option use hoga kya


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