Buy the Dip Strategy – How to Dip Buy Stocks


In this buy the dip strategy video you’re going to learn how to dip buy stocks on all chart time frames.

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Buy the Dip Sell the Rip – How to Dip Buy Stocks at Support Levels

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Buy the Dip Sell the Rip – How to Dip Buy Stocks at Support Levels

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  1. Do you have a video on identifying that risk spread? For example around 17 minutes in where you were looking at FTD, pointing out prices on the candles and on the moving averages, are you just identifying price spreads between certain support and resistance levels and identifying that that's how much the price might move from there?
    Would your risk be from where you plan to buy to where the next support is, and your possible profit is from that buying point to the next resistance? I feel like it's quite simple but keeps going over my head.

  2. I wish to take this opportunity to say thank you. I want to thank the incredible person, who so selflessly goes above and beyond. Your kindness and generosity is breathtaking.


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