Buying Your First Stock


Buying stock can be intimidating to first-time investors, even though now it’s an easy transaction that can be completed over the Internet. For example, how do you pick which stocks to buy and when to sell them? We’ll give you some tips to help you through the process.

Click the link above to learn more about investing in stocks.


  1. @MyBankTracker Where do we buy stocks online? I'd rather do this myself than go out to a broker firm. Also, are there any books you recommend?

  2. How many shares should someone start out buying?
    If I bought 1,000 shares of Apple stock at 120 today but next week their stock price is at 115. Did I lose all of my money??

  3. Geat video Lindsay, looking forward to you other video's. Will you make video's where you share your strategies on making profits with trading stocks?

  4. MAKE A VIDEO – WHY SHOULD I EVER BUY A STOCK? WHATS THE POINT. Some stocks are trades – its basically a bet that a stock will improve. Some are stocks are investment – meaning they are looking forward to a dividend. Never buy a bunch of stocks under a market buy, the guys buying the stock wont care how much you have to invest. buy a stock but limit their buying ability, buy telling them you only want limit or low cost price on a stock.

  5. I love smart with glasses…….if only she had on a pair of black square glasses…………..but she said generally wait 15 years to earn a profit……….that's why I'm a swing trader………if ur stock go up 3 dollars and down 2 dollars in 4 months u should have took those profits….and repeat the cycle ….dip, rise,  dip,  rise


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