Canadian Stock Investing Strategy – Find, Track and Trade Canadian Stocks


Go through the process discussed in the video once every couple weeks (or once a month), screening for new stocks to add to your list, and analyzing stocks currently on your list. Only buy stocks below the “buy zone” price. Know the dividend yield and potential dividend yield of all stocks on your list, as well where you plan to exit each stock on your list. Put a stock of interest on your list even if it is a long way away from the entry price you want.

*Note: you put 1 share in the portfolio just so it tracks the stock, but it has nothing to with your actually position size on a trade. Position size will be discussed in a future video.

This video looks at how to screen for Canadian stocks which are trading at value prices and/or offering a nice dividends with great long-term upside potential. Unfortunately I can’t go through the whole strategy in 30 mins, but this provides an overview of some things to look for and how to set up a list of potential investments. This way you always have list of Canadian stocks you want to buy if they reach the price you want to buy at (as determined by the strategy).

Watch for future Canadian Investment videos to find out more…such as how much capital (percentage of account) to allocate to each stock, how to precisely define entries, how to precisely define exits, and other factors to consider (since not all the stocks the screener produces are worth trading).


  1. Thank you for the excellent video.Since you were looking at Oil&Gas,I wanted to know is there a way to find out a 10Y history of sector wise performance? Then go in for the filter.

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  4. Good video, I also use as they got a good filtering system and then verify the numbers through SEDAR.

    I would like your opinion on TNA.V, that's the best stock I found after quite a bit of time of research. Small cap company that holds casinos in Washington and they churn out some big numbers. Heavy insiders ownership too and in June a director took stock for debt at almost double the current price, even though the company had several times as much cash to pay the director back.


  5. Omg, this video was so useful. I was taking down notes in my stocks book. Before this video, I was just blindly buying companies that I believed in. This gives me a better understanding of the price I wanna buy in it.

    I have a question though. When you said you want to buy out, what did you mean? I didn't understand if you meant, like, sell the all the stocks of that company? Or like….what happens when you get out? I wish you have clarified a bit more. And when is the getting out point approximately? In the video, I get the feeling, it was close to the highest point but not as high? 

    Thank you so much for making this awesome Canadian friendly video!

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