Don’t Buy Any Stocks Until Stock Market Crashes LMAO!


Today we discuss the notion of waiting to buy stocks until the stock market crashes. I have heard people saying this for years and years so we will discuss why waiting for a stock market crash to happen is a very bad decision.
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  1. It's actually not that difficult to time the market. At the moment stocks are overpriced, that's the hard truth. Buy now and you could be waiting 10 years to get your money back. I don't say it won't rise any higher. It might rise 30% next 2 years, but it won't last much longer before everything starts coming down. You'll see. I don't care what you do honestly. You only hear what you want to hear. The more the public is wrong, the more opportunity there is for who is right

  2. The best video in this channel I've seen so far. I thought this way initially early this year, as there was a kind of big bear scenario possibility to be seen developing with weakening dollar and possibly accelerating inflation with big trade war, if things had escalated quickly and big way, but they didn't and probably won't, and that's why even I started buying already some stocks close to dips. I would agree about 95% with the points made, only would disagree a bit with that part that we don't know at all when next crash will occur: we 'know' as well as we can ever know anything, that at the moment we are closer to the end of bull market, and that recession will probably begin on 2019-20 as already estimated by experts. Well, we'll see…

    Oh, and the funny thing is that this guy said he began buying stocks on 2009, so didn't he manage to time the market in a sense… so how is it impossible exactly?

  3. Its this simple last crash who put their hand up and said careful housing bubble about to explode very very few if any. If every second analyst is saying crash I doubt it will happen markets just aren't that simple. I am fully committed to the market have been for 10 years before the crash of 09. Bought on the way down and on the way up just kept buying buying buying. It isn't possible to time markets and equities return better than other asset classes so even though they are high reinvest dividends and give it time and you will be fine. Don't be skittish the market will always convince you to do the wrong thing and so will market commentators the less you think the better off you will be. Buy quality don't stick all your cash in one company have at least 10 to 15 and hold and reinvest hasn't failed yet.

  4. Ehh… I think you're oversimplifying a bit. The fact is, Warren Buffet DOES time the market–he just does it from a place of education. I think all educated investors time the market to some extent or another, no?

  5. NOPE! No thank you! I listen to people with a deep knowledge in economics and history. Investors like you are going to lose this time. This time there is going to be a dollar crisis and your money will be connected to it. Your advice would be true for every other correction that has occurred in the past, but not this one. The next time the markets go south, our central banks will not have anybody to buy up our debt except for themselves. Making our dollar completely worthless. The reason is because in 2008 our central bank needed to save the economy so they introduced 3 QE programs. Each QE program (quanitative easing) injected trillions of US dollars that bailed out banks and companies around the world. It was massive money printing and they did three programs of it. Finally the third program recovered the markets temporarily but we are back at the end of this cycle… heading towards a downward spiral because these programs DID NOT WORK. Lowering interest rates and printing money to stimulate demand (Keynesian economics) NEVER WORKS. This type of economic system we have lived under for 100 years is a faulty and destructive system that gives government power and steals from people through inflation. Economic signals are lost, spreading mal-investment and over investment which in return creates a crash after an artificial high. Put your dollars in safer treasuries (countries that screwed their currency the least) mining stocks, gold, etc. For truth and knowledge check out the playlist on my channel!!

  6. Will you be as confident when it does? Dont get ahead of yourself. The only thing holding the stocks up is debt.

  7. Although i wouldnt go balls out and throw all your cash and savings in the market i would rather add in small amounts tactically over time and hold long term.

  8. Just because the markets down doesnt mean individual stocks will crash or suffer. Some stocks will do okay if not better in the crash.

  9. If everyone follows what this guy does, everyone will be making trillions. Nothing goes up forever without falling down.

  10. The ignorance and confidence in this guy is strong. He’s the main indicator or euphoria in market psychology cycle.

  11. This guy is a sheep. You don’t even know the underlying economic state of the country. You’re going to be the first person to jump off the building when sht hits the fan.

  12. Forward P/E ratio is definitely not the best metric to look at, but the market is definitely still strong right now. Great vid! Super entertaining

  13. So true! I heard so many people last year saying they are waiting for the market to fall – they missed out on a great bull run!

    Thanks for the videos Jeremy!


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