Facebook IPO: How to Buy Facebook Stock


SmartMoney’s Russell Pearlman discusses the best ways for investors to snap up Facebook’s shares, after the social-networking titan priced its initial public offering.


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  4. Limit orders are good if you want the price you want to pay. However, this guy doesn't talk about what the downside of limit orders are.

  5. who took profits here? IPO @ $38 HIGH @45 LOW $18.x FAIR VALUE @ $5 after dilution BELOW THE LINE a multi billion dollar hoax

  6. Told Ya!
    See my comments from 2 weeks ago.
    Anyone who 'invested' in FB shares knows very little about investing.
    PE ratio over 100…fraudulent claims about #of users…little real growth potential into China India…and thats before Google+ smash FB in the same arena

  7. Like many initial public offerings Facebook's May 18 debut included a "lockup" agreement that requires some shareholders to hold on to their stock for a certain period. When a company's locked-up shares are set free the stock typically tanks, since millions of new shares flood in at once. Facebook's first reckoning day is here. Insiders will be free to sell off about 271 million shares on Thursday. Since Facebook (FB) has lost nearly half its value since its debut, some may jump at the chance.

  8. It is nice to know that most American public unions pension funds are heavily invested in FB. Baaaa haaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaaa

  9. at $21 FB is 40x overpriced……it's going to bottom down to $11 before picking itself back up to around $14

  10. I have to go to the confessions pew and admit failure I took the much money out of my index 401k fund, and the it in Facebook.

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  12. Thats what happen went people get greedy give your money to a giant thief and hope he will make you rich keep dreaming.


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