GTA 5 – How To Buy & Sell Stocks – Make Money FAST (Stock Market Tutorial) (GTA V)


Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) introduces the stock market as an awesome way to make some extra cash fast!

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  1. I waste here 52 000 000 on it and it say portfolio empty damn man for real is it because I'm on the Wi-Fi and not on the ps network?

  2. I have lost so much to scammers and fake managers but it all changed for the better when i met Mr Williams who helped me with his awesome strategy and also gave me uncountable reasons to believe that there are still honest and true managers who can change peoples life financially for good and today i am one of them.GOD bless you sir

  3. In the stock market buy up-n-atom and this is after the game but all your money in that company and you will make your money back fast I got right now from that $211,819.75

  4. For me it doesn't work. The stock market changes too much to be a good source of income. Every time I invest in a company it keeps dropping. Out of 10 times sleeping and waking I only got once a profit of 13k (invested 350k).


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