How To Analyze A Stock — Buy Growth and Value Stocks, Part 4 of 5


How To Analyze A Stock — How to determine if a stock is a good growth or value stock. — Get my FREE REPORT
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  1. i dont understand how you got 0.05067 in that growth calculation. can you clarify?
     I keep getting 1.05067 when i divide current year by previous year

  2. Does Trailing P/E ratio and P/E ratio are same? Because in my country page its it has only as P/B Ratio,
    EPS (TTM),P/E Ratio. and nothing called trailing P/E Ratio. Please let me know 🙂 

  3. Thanks for sharing. But what about the people who are looking to invest a stock in a short term instead of long term. Would this analysis still be applicable or not? 

  4. By the way, what does mean if copanys Trailing P/E (ttm, intraday):N/A
    Because I think I didnt mistake with my  fundamental analysis, bought AVON cosmetic stocks after the drop, hoping for increase.

  5. First of all thats for sharing you knowlages with us, in my 3 month learning process, your videous are most useful.
     I also wanted to ask how did you calculated those 0.05 percents, because usualy i divide future with past, and I read % from different number, but I can see that you get them another way.
    3. Still didnt get what exactly is P/E ration


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