How To Buy A Penny Stock At A Good Price? | The Most Common Problem!


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  1. My question for penny stocks is this: We are forced to use "limit" rather than Market on trade to purchase penny stocks. So what is up with the Ask/Bid thing? It says for example the stock is currently at .005. So I try to purchase 100k shares for .005  but then etrade doesn't sell me it! what is going on?

  2. Ricky…. love your videos. Very straight forward, clear and concise method of explaining your points. Do you have a video that give a clear model of how to identify support and resistance levels; especially for those who are looking to start trading.

  3. Can you make a video on what we need to look for in a company when we're are screening for a stock before we buy it. Volume? Market cap? EPA?

    Your videos are great and simple! Easy to learn from you.

    Thanks for putting in your time to teach others!

  4. Lets see some more live trading videos and show us the whole process from start to finish. How u picked the stock to how u bought in at what price then how you exit. Do you use limits or market or stop lose. I know you have done one already that i saw but its good to show people over and over to really get a good understanding. Thank man!! keep it up.

  5. all this money you make in so many different ways and you're still eating PBJ!? haha staying true to yourself I like it!


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