How To Buy A Penny Stock On A Dip | Investing 101


In todays video i talk about the basics of trading stocks and how i as a day trader make money buying stocks at the dip/ bounce.

Thank you so much for the support, I’d like to welcome anyone with any questions to message me as i would love to be a part of your success.

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  1. Ricky, I was wondering, if we are supposed to buy on the up trend, couldnt we just put a buy limit for what it might go up to? or is that risky

    apple is 1.00 and lowers to .90, we see this and think it can bounce, wouldnt I just put a buy order for .94 ? or is there reason to wait and see what the candle sticks do? like two or three are green in a 1 minute chart then its okay to go for it? hmm just don't understand why not just put a buy limit a few cents higher of what we think the bounce will be and if it goes lower and lower it wont touch and we save ourselves trouble.

    hope thats not too confusing.

  2. I'm about to binge watch all your videos this month and apply what I've learned on a demo account. Hopefully I'll become a beast at penny stock investing, Thanks, Ricky!

  3. turns out I wasn't paying attention to the volume indicator volume dropped to 1,000 or less after finally around 12 afternoon it bounced to 1.50 I sold but but I was very lucky because I should have never purchased in the first place if I looked at the volume indicator lol

  4. I analyzed a stock a few days ago, dip was 1.44 hear me out this is funny upward momentum ricky stock jumps to 1.45 then 1.46 buy the time I want to buy I caught it on 1.47 great right!!!!!!!!!    I buy almost 700 shares then stock dropped to 1.45 stayed there until an hour later im trying to figure out what happened within that hour

  5. Ricky I followed your strategy buy after the dip when you see upward momentum but im trying to find a video that shows me the volume indicator or what to pay attention to on the  rsi indicator I keep hearing you suggest to keep the rsi indicator below 35 thanks for the tip but I don't really know what that means …. please help

  6. would it be a bad idea to swing trade jnug then? If you got in at the bounce, 17.20 or so & held for a day or two hoping it'd make it back up to that 17.80 resistance area?

  7. hey ricky quick questions. do you buy your penny stocks in NASDAQ? also how do evaluate a good penny stocks? any info is appreciated. helpful video as always keep it up!


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