How to Buy a Stock Without a Broker?

177 There are many ways you can buy a stock without the need to have a brokerage account. There are some companies
that offer to sell selected stocks. That means through this company you can buy a lot of companies stocks.
The good thing about this method is you dont need a broker. Another good thing is that with little money that
you can spare, you can choose which stock shares you want to buy. You can make your own porfolio little by little.
This is suitable for all salary and paycheck employees, because you dont need too much money to begin and continue
your contributions. Another way to buy the stock directly is if your company you work in is public. Almost all
companies have a direct purchase plan. So ask your human resources for this option. Another way also is to have
the 401k plan where you can buy directly mutual funds bonds and other securities. The big thing you must think of
is the fees. So my suggestion if you want to do and buy some stocks directly, please look closely at the fees.
If you think it is a good choice, go ahead and buy. If you think it is too much, dont buy.

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  3. how to the rich by stock say you want to buy a 100 million in wallmart stock how would you do that.    I poor I just asking.

  4. They usually charge like 7-10 dollars per transaction. But I also saw companies who say that they have 0 fees for transaction? How is it possible?

  5. I read somewhere that I need a license to trade shares, is this true? Or can I trade shares without a license, I'm completely new to this and I'd be grateful for anybody that can help.

  6. yes true. in each company you will find at the bottom of the page investors link. just click on it and follow their instructions. each company is different than the other ok. yes you can sell them. you will have an account to check your shares. thanks

  7. So if you buy directly from company, where can you check your shares and do the transactions. and can you sell and withdraw money?

  8. absolutely right. most of the people are losing their money in penny stocks without much guidance. its not a joke, One of my friend making tons of money from penny stocks with professional easy guidance. have a try and make the most of them 🙂 ==>

  9. no facebook is not selling anything. all is in the market. even there are some firms who dont offer it yet. like those who want to buy by small amount. even some mutual fund a and etf dont include it in their portfolio because it is a new ipo. but why you dont buy it from the market. for me i will not buy anything until i see what will happen. i dont like the breakout buying. thanks


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