How to buy and sell stock/share in nepal || share market


about the process of buing and selling the share on broker ooffice.
Vedio link of secondary market मा कसरी सेयर कारोबार गर्ने?
Share market
Stock market
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  1. सेकेण्डरी बजारमा दिर्घकालिन लगानी गर्न सकिन्छ?

  2. bro auta que….. maila sbi baata demat account activate gaarako xu… k maila tyo demate account use gaarara laxmi, nic asia bank baata pani share bharna sakxu ta….. coz asba form ko charge naii 100 rs leedeenxa sbi bank ma..maila sunako xu ki aru bank ma leedaina vanara. kura nai bujhirahako xuina..i thnk u will help me…

  3. suppose ma broker office ma gayera share order gare Rs207/kitta ra malai tes din notification aayena ani next day company ko share value Rs200/kitta hunxa vane maile feri form bharda price Rs200/kitta garauna milxa ki mildaina? Please do reply

  4. What is the process and what documents i needed for buying and selling shares ? i listen that, personal pan card needed for selling share. is that right? please give details of documents

  5. how the share price of company are declared.? why hydro and micro finance, finance share are high than A grade banks? just for knowledge plz make video if possible in it

  6. डिमेट र अभैतिकरण सेयर किने पछि गर्ने हो की अघि गर्ने हो र यो किश गर्ने ।


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