How to buy penny stock W/ etrade price types


How to buy penny stock W/ etrade price types


  1. Great video! Been watching.. saving some favorites.. and trying to learn as much as I can before jumping in. Joined E-trade now looking to jump on some of these investments! Thanks!

  2. Simple and informative as always, I like your vids.
    Just used this to buy a large amount of a penny stock I believe is about to jump like there's no tomorrow. First timer, wish me luck!

  3. I have a options question. Why don't more people short sell options right before they expire to profit off premium when theirs a low chance that certain options will go from far out of the money to in the money in just a couple days?

  4. awesome video once again, I have a couple questions first question if I buy pre-market and sell pre-market it would only be executed on pre-market term right? also can you do a video if possible on cash accounts versus margin accounts under PDT rule. I am very confused with my cash account someone told me as long as I have capital to buy I wouldn't be under the pattern day trader rule and also I wouldn't be able to short sell.


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