How to buy penny stocks with etrade (1min)


Step buy step video of how to buy penny stocks with etrade.


  1. The video is really great and help. I have suggest another video to all because this video also very helpful for us to improve Penny Stocks To Buy. Check this video


  2. I have one question . Lets say you bought it at .69 cents and as your watching the market and it rises to .74cents. Than how do you sell it with that market price? Does it automaically give u that money at the market price. Im a beginner i need help understanding the basic concept using the etrade platform

  3. Just a question i know you put it up for 1000 but me starting off as a beginner could you have have kept it at 10 or less, i'm just asking because i want to get the feel of investing before i actually start putting a lot of money into these stocks


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