How to Buy/Sell Shares for Beginners [Stock Market Hindi] | LIVE Trading 2018


2018 Live Trading Tutorial – How to Buy/Purchase Shares for Beginners (Stock Market) in Hindi. Watch this video and know how to buy Shares online in India. You can buy & sell shares online with your PC (Computer) & Mobile (Android) phone.

Step by step tutorial to buy Shares online for Beginners.

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  1. Sir, if we are an employee of company, can we take out some time like 1 hour, invest some money on 2-3 companies by 3:30pm, can it automatically sell our shares and show us whether we went in loss or profit, no matter what ever the price remains of the share.
    Example: morning 9:30am
    ADANI 1 share price is Rs.50, I bought 10 Shares so 50*10=500, I became busy at work by end of share market
    ADANI share prices closed at Rs.60 or Rs.40 (Profit or Loss) so automatically due to market closing time my shares got sold I made a profit of +10 Rupee or -10 Rupee …

  2. Stop loss kaise lagana hai order karke bataye pls main laga nhi pa rha hu demo videos ke anusar to aap suggest kare.

  3. Hello sir main ne 5 Paisa p account to bna liya Hai but verified nhi kr PA rha account actually Mera Jo aadhar card p jo rgisted no Hai wo lost ho gya so otp verfied nhi kr PA rhe.
    Kaise verify kro


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