How to buy shares in sbi smart ?


sbi smart 2017 how to buy sell shares in sbi smart
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How to sell shares in SBI smart?
Go to
2. Click On Login
3. Go to Trade Section in Sbi Smart App
4. Select Type of share i.e equity, options, future etc.
5. Select Index where u want to trade i.e. NSE or BSE
6. Search for the Share you want to buy
7. Click on Go button
8. Select Buy or Sell order
9. Select Product Type
1. Delivery – Used to keep shares in long term and sell them in long term or short term
2. Intraday – This is one day trade i.e you have to buy and sell the share on same day before market closes
3. T+5 – This option allows you to pay for trade within 5 days and not immediately
10. Select Order Type
1. Market – Do not Select This Option I repeat do not
The order gets executed on random price and not as per you
2. Limit – You can specify the price on which you want to buy or sell
If markets hits that price or gets buyer/seller for the same then only order will be executed.
11. Put the price on which you want to trade i.e buy or sell
12. Enter the number of quantities you want to buy
13. Click on GO
14. Now you can check your order in Orders Section in Order Book
15. If order is executed it will appear in Trade Book
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How to use SBI Smart App ?
Demos Sbismart

How to buy shares in sbi smart
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  1. Hi nikhil, can I change my sell bid to lower price say rs 12 to rs 11.50 or can I make again fresh sell bid of market price.. Pls help

  2. Hello Mr. Nikhil, can you put light on sell orders? I am facing rejection issue for sell orders in SBI website. It will be great help for me if you guide.

  3. What is the difference between market price and order price…here is market price more than order price….how can you buy share on order price….

  4. Thanks I learned so much from this video. Post so many videos like how to sell shares , market watch, equity, mutual fund . And also pls explain in detail about new version of sbi smart. I search in YouTube that no one explain in detail about sbi smart 2017 version/new version.

  5. What are rhw different types of stocks…c an some one explain the list like equity futrx etx
    .. also is stop loss applicable on long term trading or is it only for intra day trading?

  6. Very good video. I am struggling but your video makes it very clear. However, i can't understand how to transact the fund to purchase the share. In order book it is showing but I am not able to transfer fund. Further, how to view lowest price of share of any company in SBItrade? I want to purchase lowest priced share, for e.g. you know the name of 20 micron but i don't. How to search for lowest priced share?

  7. Can you help me. I opened an account here. But all are criticizing why did I do this and I should have not opened demat account in SBI. I purchased a share on the very first day. But I am worrying after hearing about the safety and securities.

  8. Dear Nikhil,
    Thanks for revert me so happy if you get some long team share good portfolio for holding so if we kept any share long do we get double if we buy 100 share do we get divided as 50 share how its work it

    for examples I had brought 100 share on 2 jan 2016 after 2017 march 31 company got profit do we get 1 share =1.5 its TOTAL 150

  9. thanks so much you had help me .. as i got sbi smart account from past 30 day not available get what to do also if can suggest me for list of share for long team 3 & 5 years

    final just want to say keep rocking keep smile.

    Regards & Thanks


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