How to Buy Stock in Etrade


In this step-by-step video, I describe how to buy stock in Etrade. Assuming you are new to the interface of the Etrade brokerage account, I walk you through every detail of buying stock through Etrade. This online brokerage firm is easy to use but doesn’t provide good customer support until you are at the “pro” level; hence this walkthrough

The steps for buying stock in Etrade follow:
-Choose your ticker
-Choose how many shares you want to buy
-Use a limit order
-Calculate the average between the bid and ask
-Place the order

The limit order is essential, because without it you will get the worst possible price. Once you get the hang of Etrade, you’ll realize all you need is an internet connection to become a full-time trader. New to investing? Subscribe to my channel.



  1. If all Brokers and Account Managers can be sincere like Frank Robert i think no trader can be suffering losses all the time, as nice as he is telling one the truth at the right time with his awesome strategy taking traders challenges upon himself, i am blesed in trading with him as my Account Manager, right with him my weekly winning is always 25k usd, he is so nice to everyone that comes his way.

  2. Only good to buy that way if price drops. If price shoots out the roof you just lost out on an opportunity to profit because you were being stingy/greedy. And buying market helps boost price per share. So yes u can wait and save a few dollars but will miss opportunity that far exceeds what you would have saves if he bulls are in control.

  3. I am looking for the fees associated with a trade like this example. Also, are there different fees for penny stocks or OTC market trades with etrade?

  4. After checking udemy, their is no etrade course, after checking etrade, their is no etrade tutorial.  Seems they want you to ask them for financial advice.

  5. I know this is common knowledge for everyone but this easy common sense stuff is not found anywhere.  I wish you did this for every type of option.  you might get major viewers from this.  Maybe this can be a test, to see if this pops up when people want to put a trade in on etrade.  For example, you could do a whole udemy course on putting etrades in, how to put them in for shorting, options, I would pay money for that.  You do well at explaining things far better than most I have searched for on this youtube.


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