How to buy stock in the pre market with etrade


Step buy step video me purchasing stock in the pre market via etrade.


  1. Awesome! Made the mistake of searching this in YouTube vs going straight to your page! Should know by now you got all the videos I NEED. Haha

  2. Any chance you can post some trades on Verified Investing? That website has a great platform where users can follow your live trades.

  3. my chart on Etrade ends at 4 pm and i cant see the chart movement after 4. how can i see it after ? until next morning ?

  4. So the stocks are yours once u execute it? or does the market have to open first…
    Is this just something you do if the company had positive news in the after hours or what

  5. I have a great interest in swing trading. Where/how would it be possible to make so called pretend investments without using money to get a feel for it?


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