How To Buy Stock on Etrade! – Step by Step Purchasing of Apple Stock! – Learn The Basics of Trading!


My idea is to put $100,000 of my own money into Etrade and show you step by step of everything I do.

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I will (i) buy stocks, (ii) sell stocks, (iii) buy ETFs, (iv) sell ETFs, (v) buy Mutual Funds, (vi) sell Mutual Funds, (vii) purchase call options, (viii) sell call options, (ix) buy puts, (x) sell puts, (xi) straddling, (xii) buy short, (xiii) sell short, (xiv) etc.

I will also go through Etrade and other websites to talk about the basics of stocks and other financial instruments. I will show you my analysis on buying and selling. We will discuss PE Ratio, Dividend, Beta, Alpha, Market Cap, EBIT, EBITDA, and much more.

About me:
I graduated college in 1998 with a Bachelors (I paid 100% of the tuition). I worked on wall street for 13 years. I got my MBA during that time (my company paid 100% of the tuition). I started my own company in 2012. The company has been very successful. I work only 20 hours a week. I think of myself as a serial entrepreneur. I am always looking to invest and develop new and existing businesses. Any ideas?

When I was in 3rd grade my friends would buy packs of baseball cards for 25 cents. I would buy and entire box which equates to 18 cents a pack and sell my friends a pack for 22 cents. I earned my first year of college tuition playing 3 hours of Blackjack in Atlantic City. I have a lot more stories like this.

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  1. Love this! So I'm going to open an account and give it a try. I'll start simple with a $100 just to see what happens. My question is, how would I go about knowing which companies are a good place to start? I love this kinda stuff.

  2. wow! thanks for all the information…it's actually not as difficult as it may seem. hope one day ill be able to put this great info to use…thanks again!!! you're such an awesome person!!!

  3. I have shares at a company that I used to work for.. just holding them for a retirement option .. I get a dividend check every quarter from them..not much but it's nice if it gets high enough all the stock split which means that all the stocks I have will double..and it's happens couple times

  4. buy low sell high… easier said than done… but if u have time to watch trends learn all the quirks of it and other things can do good..but most of us have full time jobs so it's hard to do

  5. I do have 401 which dabbles in stock with my money..but they do all the work I just sit back and wait to see how it does..but thanks for this us input on how it works

  6. wow..did u make some money?btw I read the description..nice experiences!hehe..and r u gonna do this a weekly series or ull upload videos of it..whenever u like?
    Im really liking this!


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