How to buy stock W/etrade app(2 min)


How to buy stock W/etrade app(2 min)


  1. Sorry I had glanced at the title real fast and thought I saw aapl instead of app. So, my weak segue for my last post is now gone haha.

  2. Thank you for another amazing video. I really can't wait till I get the funds to invest. Does TD Ameritrade have a app? If not, I will have to go with E Trade. How good are they?

  3. Hi, I really appreciate your videos. Sorry if I am putting you on the spot. I was thinking of doing a straddle right around the money right before the day of the iPhone 8 release. I'm a little hesitant because I would probably need a good 7 dollar jump up or down last I checked to profit. Not sure if prices will rise. I was wondering if in your opinion, aapl stock has a good chance of jumping that much on release and day after release date? Not sure if traders openly discuss such things. Thanks.


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