How to Buy Stock With or Without a Broker


Are you interested in buying stocks but not really sure how to get started.

Here’s a look at the several options you have to start investing into the stock market.

My favorite online broker is Scottrade (which was bought by TD Ameritrade). Check them out here:


  1. can someone Help please with where and how to start your own forex brokerage, opening company,forex bank account etc i am fed up of being ripped off by these brokerage firms
    I truly believe trading would be a lot easier if you deal with the banks directly other than the criminal brokers that are only interested in commission fee etc

  2. So how much dose the broker site.. I mean take for each buy/sell/whatever and how do I figure that out, if I don't plan to get a job writing warning labels and drug side effects?

  3. If you are someone who can’t take the pressure of seeing the prices go up and down all day long by sitting in from of a computer screen then this great tool — > might be the best option for you because it gives you this pleasure of seeing your progress anytime you want and also insures that you are getting the maximum benefit through some very smart trading.

  4. Earning money hasn’t been this easy before the arrival of . You would have to sit in front of a computer screen, making all those tough decision by yourself and in the end; you can’t say for sure that you’ll earn money out of that trade. If you haven’t experienced it yet then start doing it because the registration is free and it’ll not be staying that way because it is getting increasingly popular.

  5. ok, I am not interested in bla bla bla, lets go to the point on actually HOW do I buy and sell technique. What the point of talking about it if you don't give the actual advice as a broker to the beginner. All this unnecessary information I can get on google or from books. LOL the advice how to get a mutual retirement plan, I don't need the lecture on it, thank you very much. What an idiot , don't waist my time. Before you buy any stock you have to have a retirement plan first. Why? I don't want to have a retirement plan, who are you to tell me what should or shouldn't I do with my money.


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