How To Buy Stocks Online: For Beginners


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  1. hi Preston, thanks for all the useful information , I have learned a lot from you , but can you give some info about how we do that in UK and what trading platforms will you recomend for UK , thanks in advance

  2. hey preston sweet video, i was wondering how much money you advise a beginner to start with. Im currently a student so i dont have very much disposable income at the moment. Should i wait until i have a larger amount of money or should i begin my investment life now lol. I want to get into finance so this would also educate me and possibly earn me some money.

  3. If you buy a fund through something like Vanguard, do you still have to pay the fees each time you buy? They make it seem like it's a fund but it seems like an ETF

  4. Preston, your videos are all great,like how you explain things, very clear. Anyway,got a few questions, I'm not from US, so I wonder do you have other web to check fundamental keys, especially the 10 years, beside the Morningstar, because Morningstar doesn't have stocks from my country (Indonesia) ,MSN money had it, but it seems they don't have the 10 years data anymore. And will it be complicated for foreigner to invest in US stocks on the web like trade kings like this?


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