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Hi Everyone,

This is a tutorial as to how I buy shares. The SugarMamma $1,000 Project is run through an eTrade account in Australia. BUT eTrade is actually available in most countries. However each country has a different brokerage costs to buy the stocks.

I am buying Australian shares (which you can still buy if you live in another country) but I will also be buying ETFs soon as I want to keep building and diversifying the portfolio. Also, I keep my trade receipts for tax purposes, which is particularly important for my long term tax records.

Please note that just because I am using an eTrade account, does not mean that I am recommending eTrade and this is definitely not a sponsored video, I am simply showing everyone who has asked me how I personally do this. Also please note that I am buying this stock because I like this stock and it matches my long term goals and risk profile.

Lots more videos on investing coming your way!

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  4. Learning to invest will ensure you will become financial independent. If interested, see my channel on investing with chart pattern. Not selling anything. Just sharing from my investing journey

  5. I'm super interested in this I've wanted to invest but my family lost almost everything in 2008 because of the crash and I'm a bit hesitant now to invest. But! I did learn a lot from classes and such. However I just don't know what's the safest thing to invest in. I know someone who invested in Apple and made a decent amount off of that but I'd like to know more things that work since stock in things we know work is falling.

  6. Hi Canna, I know you always say that we should spread all our eggs in one basket, but how much percentage of our money should we buy in ( Stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, bonds) should we be buying??


  7. Thanks you! Finally a trade video that tells and shows you how to actually trade. Not just promote a book or state the obvious. You're awesome.


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