How to buy stocks W/ ETrade


SUBSCRIBE!Step by Step video of how to find stock you want and buy them.

Step buy step video of how to start a etrade account: Step by step video of how to sell stock:


  1. i needed this video! i am planning on buying stocks soon :)) im a new subbie and sub back please :)) i might have some questions about how to read stocks because im a beginner haha

  2. i liked and subacribed. this man is amazing. if people commenting are read this(watch his videos). they (actually help and answers question you may have)

  3. What does it even equate to if a company trades for a dollar vs ten dollars? I don’t get that….if I invest a thousand on a company trading at 1 dollar will that do? I have absolutely no idea…it just seems like gambling to me

  4. The only comment I have is when you mention a previous Video it would be helpful to embed the link in the current video.

  5. So when I try to purchase a stock on my E*TRADE account. Like 5 or 10 shares. I get and error message "Non-equity, bulletin board, OTC, pink sheet, Tick Pilot and other specific securities are not eligible for the price type you have specified." I want 4 shares of Sony

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  8. Thank you so much. I was wondering how to properly buy stocks after getting my E*Trade account and this video is perfect. Now I can go make some money!


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