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  1. Ricky I am unable to hear you unless im up to 100% on volume and that it still low. Can you look into this issue for the future. Love your video's

  2. Saving up money now to be able to trade in a couple of months, learnt a lot from this Channel so far so hope it pays off! thanks Ricky

  3. I've been following you for quite a while now and loving your videos. One of my questions is how do you find these stocks/ETFs?

  4. Ricky,Thank you for the great video. I appreciate your passion and consistency in always emphasizing the rationale behind your picks!Warmest,B

  5. Hey Ricky another awesome video I think you might have the settings for the volume on the microphone too low usually you can change that

  6. Question on DGAZ, So you buy at 24.50 even though the 180 ema is pointing down? wouldn't this be the EMA resistance level?

  7. I would like your opinion on UA as a long It is dropping like crazy when would you get in as a long hold? Or would you? are they going bust??? They have such a big NBA, college, and now MLB relationship???? whats up with them?

  8. Ricky I have a question that pertains to stock , I follow Kyle Bass who is a well known investor and he talks about Greece a lot and their recession that they are going through right now. Do you believe it would be smart to invest into Greece Stock such as the Greece National Bank, they are facing a huge political campaign this year and it could really change thier financial market? Let me know what’s you think . Thanks


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