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I am a veteran stock trader of 10 years. I developed the Fous4 strategy and I teach Day Trading strategies for beginner to intermediate traders. We have the most hands-on program as the Fous4 Team works hard for your success.

I focus on part-time momentum trading strategies including swing-trading and day-trading both long and short.

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  1. false breakout …. more like bullish inverted hammer. That was a buy signal, but who knows if it would have broke out next day without news. News was gasoline on the fire…

  2. well this guy is right …you can make 40 000 thousand dollars quick like in a week maybein a day too….but the truth is that your chances to be that person are very very low……for every 10 succesfull traders there are 90 losers …if that so what are your chances?? pretty low …if you are coming to trade stocks make sure you have an edge …

  3. Would be better if you remove the music in the background, Its simple interrupting the content of the video: Is very difficult to concentrate on what your saying.

  4. tops has almost the same exact pattern today, yesterday broke a dollar went up to 1.30 then back down to .73 cents the today gapped up in premarket opened at 1.08 its up to 2.30 right know. same spikes and consolidation, crazy man

  5. SMALLCAP ANALYST 6600%-8150% BREAKOUT ALERT ISSUED for $KOSK stock on upcoming contracts with Pharmaceutical Companies, Schools and Government Agencies.


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